Is there setting to tell Algolia to use one standard set of config file?


Not sure if this question was being asked before, but a brief context - I am using the Scout Extended package to integrate with our Laravel application and all went pretty smoothly. For our development and testing purposes, I have created 3 separate indices for different environment prod_products, dev_products, local_products through the use of setting prefix in env for example SCOUT_PREFIX=local_ on our local setup.

It all makes sense but now I need three separate config files scout-dev-products.php, scout-local-products.php, scout-prod-products.php with the same settings and we need to update all three files whenever we want to make changes to the search settings.

So, I am wondering if there’s a way to tell Algolia to use one config file for all three of those same indices?


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Today, this feature doesn’t exist but I agree it make sense to have a default one if the “sepecific” file doesn’t exist