Is there way to export dynamically export index?

@julienbourdeau - is there some solution to export index to JSON file after re-indexing dynamicly?

I need to build a very complicated solution in terms of sorting, so this creates a lot of duplicated indices.
A solution would be to store index somewhere local and then do sorting on my own.

Hey Josip,

You can add an “order” attribute and have it placed into your ranking formula. This order attribute would be an integer computed on your side. To export your data and compute the order, please have a look at:


Can you give me more details about your project? I’m not sure to understand what you’re want to do with the index stored locally.

I would like to have an index of stories (various media related to specific “story”) exported on my end in JSON format, so I could recreate the table with that data.

I would like to manually sort data because current Vue-Instantsearch doesn’t offer that option but you have the option to select different index.

This option increases the number of records a lot, and there are a lot of replicas I need to create every time I need a new sorting option. So one of the options would be to handle sorting on my own.

But for this to work I would need to get fresh index after every re-indexing. Anyway i am pretty sure there is no option to get answer back, when re-indexing is done.

Hi Janic,

I faced this problem sometimes, so i decided to implement Algolia Extended to allow me do this type of export.
The result file is a json, containing the name of the indexes, their settings and their datas.

An Import feature is in development :wink:

Feel free to have a look and made me some returns !