Is this example of a search interface doable in Algolia?

I’m assuming the answer is yes, but wanted to ask.

If YES, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is easy and 10 is lots of custom coding, where do you think the number lies?

If NO, what part can’t be done?

here is search interface I’m going for:

Hi @larryk,

Thanks for your question!

Yes, this is doable.

As for the scale, the easiest would be our InstantSearch implementation.

Your mockup shows elements that are not available in our InstantSearch so you would need to make customizations.

As for the difficulty, it would depend on your experience with the language you are using and your experience with Algolia’s api clients.

This implementation would take some custom code and possibly multiple indices or replicas since you have possibly different search orders, searchable attributes, and custom ranking.

It’s hard to put a number on that without knowing your skill level or expertise. For some, this would not be that difficult, for others it might be.

Sorry, I can’t be more definitive with a number, but there are just too many factors involved.

We have a Trial version and a free version, so you could give it a try and see how difficult it is for you.

We have excellent documentation to help you out with many different API clients.

Let us know how it goes or if you have more questions!

Thank You Cindy :slight_smile:
okay, GREAT!!! it is doable. That is a major hurdle for me… I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

Can you explain the multiple indices comment? I have 1 index and it has all necessary fields. What is reason multiple would be needed?

I completely understand my skill, knowledge, etc goes into the answer, which is why I also asked these 2 questions:

While I do agree the document is nice, but in many places, it does not answer questions like:
pros, cons, why, why not, etc. etc. It’s only defining things.

PS. i’ve been on the trial and about to sign up for pro, but before I do… I needed the answers to these 3 questions :slight_smile:

HI @larryk,

There is no real advantage of using one library over the other. They will all do basically the same thing. We made different libraries for those who have preferences as to which language they prefer to use for implementing the different Algolia features.

Many of our developers already know which languages they prefer, so we have different libraries to satisfy those developers. There aren’t really pros and cons to those libraries, just a matter of preference.

Multiple indices and replicas are mainly used for:

Since sorting is very time consuming, it’s best to have separate indices, or replicas, so that each is presorted before the search. This allows you to choose which sorting order you’d like to return the results and makes the search much faster.

As for you question about coding guidance and technical questions, I’ve answered those on this post.

Let us know how it goes!