Is this instant.js search possible in php?

Hey there folks :slight_smile: I am COMPLETELY INFATUATED with this demo that I found on Algoila, which is in javascript and I am wondering if I can achieve the same in php?
algolia demo:[query]=restaurant

Hi @lindamacdonalde, php will be for your backend search, so you can get the same results from your Algolia index with php, but you will still need a frontend application to display the results. We recommend our instantsearch which is in some form of javascript. However, you could retrieve the results with php and pass them to your frontend to display however youโ€™d like.

Hey there Cindy this is excellent news - frontend js I can do :slight_smile: itโ€™s just nodejs that I am struggling with and I was expecting it to be based on nodejs so php would be easier for me. I can use any flavour of js on the frontend in order to achieve the look and feel of this demo right? I mean I can set it up with vuejs?

Yes, any flavor; including Vue!

awesome :slight_smile: thanks a mil Sylvain :slight_smile: