Issue getting response InstantSearch Android

Always getting this response: “REQUEST*/queries failed with exception: kotlinx.coroutines.JobCancellationException: Job was cancelled; job=JobImpl{Cancelling}@f297adb” . with both demo application (instantsearch-android-examples/guides/src/main/kotlin/com/algolia/instantsearch/guides/gettingstarted at main · algolia/instantsearch-android-examples · GitHub)
and my application


Thank you for reaching out.

I will need more information on the issue to be able to debug it.

  • What Android OS version are you using ?
  • Which device model / brand ?
  • Do you have any additional information that would help me reproduce the issue ?

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I am using Android 9 (API 28) Pixel 2 Emulator to test.

Let me know if you need any other information to reproduce this, as it is a random issue.
PS: I am using Algolia Instant Search version 2.1.0.

I am getting the same issue very frequently and its random. sometimes I get response some times I get error and response is delayed

Indeed. This looks like a server side issue. I will investigate and keep you updated.


Any update on the issue?

Can you please update to the latest version of InstantSearch 2.2.0 and tell us if you still encounter the issue with your application ?

I have updated it to latest version i.e 2.2.0 but the issue still persist.

Hi Quentin, any update?


I still have not found a way to reproduce the issue reliably, or a way to fix it. If you have indications on how to reproduce it, please let me know.