Issue whan algolia_products index

We have approximately 62000 products, when I start bin/magento indexer:reindex algolia_products it works a long time, in 3-4 hours I got the message : “Algolia Search Products indexer process unknown error:
Hosts unreachable: SSL read: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0), errno 104,Resolving timed out after 1004 milliseco
nds,Resolving timed out after 3000 milliseconds,Resolving timed out after 3005 milliseconds”

How it can be solved? And I think it’s too much period for just one reindex…

Hello @tereta.alexander,

it’s possible that it takes that long time. The extension needs to fetch and process all your products and send it to Algolia.
The best way how to approach indexing of this amount of data is to enable indexing queue and use queue runner to process all the products in small batches. You can find more information about this approach in our documentation (it’s written for M1 extension, but it works the same way in M2).

The error message you see might be triggered by network outage when products are pushed to Algolia. When using the indexing queue it should be OK as it will be pushed in several processes in smaller batches.

Let me know if you manage to enable the queue and reindex your data.