Issue with Golang client when filtering

I’m using Algolia Go client library v3.31.1 in my application to search for records. When I filter on an attribute (that is added to attributesForFaceting), it is not working. I get results from Algolia but the filter is not applied and thus I’m getting more results than I want. Interestingly, when I try the same query in the dashboard, it works correctly. Look at below screenshot.

And this is my client code and I believe I’m sending the same query as what I entered in the Dashboard:

import ""

client := search.NewClient(algoliaAppID, algoliaApiKey)
index := client.InitIndex(algoliaIndex)
index.Search("Lorem", opt.FacetFilter("city:seattle"))

I checked the Search API Logs in Algolia after I run my code and I see query test but I don’t see any facets. So it must have not been sent by the client. Look below screenshot.

Any idea what I’m missing?