Issue with precision using RangeInput


I’m having some issues setting precision in the RangeInput react component. below is a link and screenshot showing the issue.

when i enter 0.0172-0.02 as the range, i’m getting hits with 0.017. It seems like the precision is capping out at 3 decimal places even though i set it to 5.

Am i missing something?

I had the same issue with using floats, check out the response to my question about this Use a float for the rating in Vue InstantSearch

I had to round my floats and do it that way.

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This is a clever solution but the problem is slightly different. I need to use the 4th decimal precision, a person would want to filter by .0207 without getting the rounded .021 values.

is 3 decimals the max precision?

I understand.

If you read the last response from @haroen on that linked topic it appears floats can’t be used at all.

My post was almost a year and a half ago so things might have changed.

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That’s unfortunate, thanks for your help anyway!