Issue with prefix




We have an issue with certain words for prefix. Our search is built on parameters and free-text. We would like to disable prefix search for certain words without having to ask users to use " " around the query.

Use case:

User searches for horses with the breed PRE and therefore types PRE in free-text box. This user only wants to see PRE-horses, however get results where description text contains precisely, previously, etc. We therefore want to disable prefix when user types PRE.

Is this possible?



Hi @axel,

If you have specific use cases, then you can leverage Query Rules and in this case the prefixNone search parameter.

You’ll create a QR that says: "If query is pre, then the consequence is add a search parameter of queryType:prefixNone" The result of this is that “pre” is not a prefix and must match a word exactly.

See the QR example here:

See the GIF using the QR here:

Hope this helps.