Issues updating test/staging to live site


We have some issues regarding updating our website. Our developer has a staging and test server (with GIT I believe). Everytime they push a update to the website the Algolia index is getting updated also thus I’m losing manuall added entries, but also certain entries suddenly have permalinks with domain.localhost instead of, resulting in non-working results within the search engine.

We can’t be the only ones updating / pushing features through GIT, what can we do about this?


Hi @w.wietsma,

Indeed, the concept of handling multiple environments is not limited to Wordpress but to all frameworks! However, most helpful for you is that Wordpress users have experienced what you described.

Please take a look at this post and let us know how it goes:

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It gives some answers, but mostly creating two indexes from what I’m seeing. That would mean we need to pay huge sums in the future for not really using the engine.

Is there some way (I don’t see it in the other topic) to disable Algolia automatically within staging/testing? And keeping it live the live version?


Hi @w.wietsma,

Thanks for following-up! Algolia is both the search engine, but also the infrastructure that holds your records.

It is a deeply designed infrastructure to not only get you back fast results, but also for data safety and security - feel free to read more about what you are getting here:

Indeed, to the extent you create more indices for development and staging (not just production) you may not be using it for search all the time, but it is there to keep your data safe and ready for the next use.

As far as the multi-environment approach, the separate indices for each environment are what we recommend. So no way to turn it “on” or “off”, it’s best to keep them separate so that you don’t run into the current overwriting issue that you experienced.

I hope this helps!

Hi Ajay,

Hmmm, not really what I’ve had hoped for. Might need to reconsider using Algolia for our products then. We had pictured out a future using Algolia over multiple of our sites reaching 1 Million records quite quickly, but if we then also need to have a 1 million for staging and 1 million for testing the (already high) price is getting to high.

I really don’t see the need for it also. The staging enviroment holds some data but doesn’t need a live search engine and we don’t add any content on the staging; just updates like a newer version of Magento or Wordpress.

Anyone who have figured this out without needing to duplicate indexes and paying for something your really don’t exactly use?

Hi @w.wietsma,

Thanks for following-up!

Indeed, the usage of the index itself for search may be lower in your development or staging environment, but the infrastructure cost remains the same. When your indices are with Algolia, we continue to host your data, ready for you when needed on custom spec servers.

Generally, in a development or staging environment you may not need to index your entire collection of products, perhaps even just 10% of your products to make sure it displays and works as you expect. This approach can reduce your index size in a multi-environment situation.

Let us know how it goes and if any questions!

Happy coding with Algolia