Issues with Algolia Search searching for SKUs

Hi Folks,

Having issues with Algolia search when searching for product SKUs.
Live site -

When searching for this product MTT7510 I get the following results.

Autocomplete search correctly shows the two results with the correct product (with SKU MTT7510) as the first result and a related product PMS7500 as the second.

If however, after typing in the product SKU MTT7510 you either press “enter” OR click on the search icon (Magnifying glass) you are INCORRECTLY taken to the page of product PMS7500.

This is presumably as it is the ONLY page with the text MTT7510 in the “content” ie. WooCommerce description. The fact that the MTT7510 product page is an exact sku match appears to be ignored.

Conversely if I search for product sku CAT1099, a phrase that ONLY appears in the SKU of ONE product, and then click “enter” rather than going straight to the product page (which would be the desired result), we are presented with search page, showing the ONE result, requiring a further click to get to the desired page.

Given that Algolia have dropped support for their plugin can they a least give some pointers on why this is happening and how to fix it.

Which rules cause redirection to a product page rather than a set of results?. Is it controlled by the plugin OR a setting in the Algolia backend … It is far from clear.

My only fix for the moment is to add the SKU to the content of the MTT7510 page in order to force return of the two search results rather than incorrectly redirecting to the wrong product page.

Hoping for some useful information.


Prosol UK.

Hi @woocommerce,

Thanks for posting in the Algolia Community and sorry for the delay!

By default we have a limited view of your data, could you send a message to so that we can get more specific information about your plan and application?

Please note in your email this post on Discourse, so that we can update here as well.

Thank you!