Issues with React and InstantSearch

I’m having a really weird issue with InstantSearch and SearchBox in React Native detailed here;

If anyone can offer any assistance into what’s going on that would be great as I think I’m following the documentation exactly. Cheers

Hi @peruse.web,

Thanks for contacting Algolia! For us to best help you with your React InstantSearch question, it would be best to see live code, even if in a failing state.

Here is a codesandbox with most of the boilerplate:

Please update it for the minimum code needed to reproduce your errors and we will see if we can point you in the right direction. Thanks!

So I can connect to my algolia index OK using the sandbox. I think the issue is something within React Native/InstantSearch/SearchBox/Expo as the code on StackOverflow is everything within the application. Do you get the same result when you run the StackOverflow code? Thanks for getting in contact. Best, Ash