Jekyll Algolia Plugin is indexing YAML Front Matter

I’m pushing the content of my Jekyll-based static site to Algolia using the jekyll-algolia plugin. I noticed that the plugin indexes all the YAML front matter attributes, many of which are for internal use only or irrelevant as indices, too.

In my _config.yml, I have specified the searchable attributes but it doesn’t seem to have any effect:

            - 'title'
            - 'content'
            - 'tags'
  1. How do I explicitly specify the front matter attributes to be indexed?

  2. Is it possible to use a front matter attribute say index: <true or false> to control whether a page should be indexed or not?

UPDATE 1: After further investigation, I found that it’s not indexing all front matter attributes, but it is pulling some unwanted attributes like author_profile, read_time, sidebar, share, etc. But it’s not indexing more relevant attributes like ‘excerpt’ from the front matter. I even tried adding 'excerpt, ‘excerpt_text’ to searchableAttributes, but it didn’t make any difference.