Jekyll v4 Compatibility

Jekyll 4.0.0.pre.alpha1 was released as of March 18th, 2019. Wondering if you plan on supporting this version. As of right now, when attempting to update to v4.0.0.pre.apha1 its unable to find the compatible version of gem.

jekyll-algolia was resolved to 1.1.5, which depends on
      jekyll (~> 3.0)

Hi Jason,

Currently, the jekyll-algolia Community plugin is not actively maintained and is offered as is.

Feel free to post this as an issue on the repo and even submit a PR for review if you would like it to function with Jekyll 4.0. However, I would not expect it to be compatible with Jekyll until 4.0 is out of Alpha stage.



Jekyll it out of the Alpha state and even out of Beta. Is going to be a Algolia Jekyll Plugin compatible with Jekyll 4 any soon?


Hi @lpuerto,

Thanks for your follow-up about the status of compatibility with Jekyll 4. This GitHub issue will give an overview of the status of the plugin.

Currently, there are no plans but that may change in the future.

Thanks for voicing your interest and feedback!

Best regards,



I can’t say that I’m happy about that. I knew about the situation of the developer. What we were wondering is if Algolia was thinking to continue with that plugin or if at least create a guide about how to update the search index manually.

Guys! Seems that the only thing you need to do is to merge some pull request you have pending and that’s it.

Working on releasing the 1.5.0 version of the gem to work with jekyll 4. Should be available soon (you can use the develop branch in the meantime).

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