Job Opportunity - Looking for UI/Frontend Wizard with React & InstantSearch experience

We are an old school company looking to modernize our tech stack. We are migrating to a new ERP system, and as part of that migration we want to rewrite our product lookup. We currently have a system from the late 70’s/early 80’s that runs on a terminal client, and despite that is extremely fast to do lookups. So even though the tech stack is old, it is well-loved by the salespeople who use it each day. Therefore, we need to build something even better using InstantSearch, in order to convince users that the new search system is superior to the old.

I am a full stack developer who has already done the data migration piece to Algolia, and I have a v1 prototype using InstantSearch and mostly out of the box widgets. Already, this search is pretty good, but we need a competent UI designer (Javascript/React programming experience a plus) to help us take it to the next level.

Since we are using Algolia for our search, I thought I would post in this community first for the job listing. Let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be. We pay well for top talent!



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Thanks, Jonathan – I reposted this on Twitter as well.