Join the Algolia Discord server!

Happy New Year from Algolia!

I’m sure you’ve noticed this forum hasn’t been very active lately.

At Algolia DevCon last summer, the developer community told us they preferred chat-style platforms to forums. Interestingly enough, so did our internal developers when we asked them.

So, in our efforts to meet our developers where they prefer to be, we have launched an official Algolia Discord Server.

The server is open and ready for you to join right now!

We did a lot of research, and Discord appealed to us for its combination of synchronous chat channels, and more async forums (similar to Discourse). This allowed us to combine three separate groups in one place:

  1. Algolia Ambassadors (who use to hang out on Slack)
  2. DocSearch users (who were already on Discord)
  3. Our developer community here on Discourse

These forums will be around for a while, but you can consider them in “maintenance mode.” If you’re looking for community support or want to show off something cool you’ve built, come chat with us on Discord!

I hope to see you there soon!

– Chuck Meyer, Developer Relations Manager


It may be easier for some if you use this invite link (the above link requires that you be logged into Discord on your browser) Algolia (