Join us Jan 25th in SF for a React-themed Search Party

Search Party is back, this time with a front-end twist.

EXCITING UPDATE -> Jason Miller, the creator of Preact, is flying in from Ontario to join us. He’s going to talk about the “P” in Preact in a brand-new talk. We’ll also hear from @emily.hayman talking about React and SVG icons.

See highlights from a previous Search Party here.

We went with the React theme because React is hot (duh) and because of the recent release of React InstantSearch, spearheaded by @vvo, @marielaure.thuret and @Bobylito with help from the Algolia JS team and community of beta testers including @harshmaur.

Register here on EventBrite. If you have a Pioneer Badge (or are waiting for one) there is a special class of ticket that guarantees you entry, even if there’s a waitlist.


I’m in, no doubt! Looking forward to it.

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