JSON Format / Star Ratings

  1. While importing data in JSON format we have some categories in uppercase. But in category filter its showing some category in uppercase and some in proper case. We are not sure why it’s happening and how to resolve the same. We want to show data same as we are importing i.e. same case etc.

  2. We want to hide star Rating section if there is 0 rating? Do they have any property to hide the same on some condition. AutoHideContainer setting is only hiding it if there is no result not if rating 0. For their information, we are using instantsearch js starRating widget.

Any help much appreciated!

Hi there,

  1. Algolia should not transform the data. My guess is that not all the categories in the json are formatted the same. Can you double check that.

  2. This is doable using connectors, in this case the starRating connector in instantsearch v2, if you are using v1, I would recommend you to switch to the v2 to benefit from connectors.