Keyword Search Not Giving Results

I currently have an index containing directory information of a school.
An example entry in this index looks like this:

objectID : "e7e4ad96-1a14-4762-aba8-b1b504c7bb1f"
title : "Associate Director of Student Services"
name : "Matthew Smith"
keywords : [ "admissions" ]

I’m having issues getting results when searching keywords when the query is a sentence or phrase containing the keyword.

Using the above example, the query : “Who is in charge of admissions” does not return a result, even though “keywords” is a searchable attribute.
(simply searching “admissions” does return this result however)

I’m assuming I am overlooking some configuration setting but I can’t figure it out, but I’ve been looking through the docs and configuration settings and I’m coming up dry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve solved the issue. For anyone searching this question looking for an answer: you’re looking for the optionalWords argument :slight_smile: