Laravel 5.5 & Scout in new installation displays All [App\Product] records have been imported but no success!

I made a fresh installation of Laravel 5.5 & Scout. My model code displays the following details.

class Product extends Model
use SoftDeletes;
use PresentableTrait;
use MultitenantTrait;
use ActionTrait;
use Searchable;

public function searchableAs()
    return config('scout.prefix').'company_products';

public function toSearchableArray()
    $record = $this->toArray();
    $record['name'] = $this->productName;
    $record['description'] = $this->productSpecification;
    $record['model'] = $this->productModel;
    $record['categoryid'] = $this->categoryId;
    $record['price'] = $this->sellingPrice;
    return $record;


then I run php artisan scout:import 'App\Product'

and the system terminal displays: “All [App\Product] records have been imported”, but that is not correct because when I checked algolia no record is displayed.

that is the msg of ImportCommand.php


    $this->info('All ['.$class.'] records have been imported.');

Consequently I can asume its ok, but algolia dashboard displays no results.

I followed the whole laravel algolia tutorial twice>

any help appreciated. brgds

Is “All [App\Product] records have been imported” the only message you get in your terminal?

There should be at least one “product imported up to id XXX” before. If you don’t have it, I believe it’s because of the SQL query getting all the data from your DB.

Could it be related to your multi-tenancy setup?

thank you for your answer. Not working. Despite I cheched .env and database.php in config have the same details, that I reinstalled all the package using the tutorial. My current environment:

Laravel Framework 5.5.18,
“php”: “>=7.0.0”,
“algolia/algoliasearch-client-php”: “^1.22”,
“laravel/scout”: “^3.0”,

but nothing work. I only receive records have been imported, but it dont display the batch product imported up to as it works in the past.

weird thing is the laravel app version using Laravel Framework 5.4.30, php 5.6.4 and using:

    "algolia/algoliasearch-client-php": "^1.18",
    "laravel/scout": "^3.0",

works perfect