Laravel Vue date filter widget

Hi guys,

I am trying to filter my records by date, but I got stuck. What I have so far is

        {label: 'All products', value: 0},
        {label: 'Today', start: (Math.round(new Date()/1000) - 86400)},
        {label: 'Week', start: (Math.round(new Date()/1000) - 604800)},
        {label: 'Month', start: (Math.round(new Date()/1000) - 2592000)},
        <ul slot-scope="{ items, refine, createURL }">
          <li v-for="item in items" :key="item.value">
              :style="{ fontWeight: item.isRefined ? 'bold' : '' }"
              {{ item.label }}

I hope you can help me to get this to work.


Hi @NastyPasty,

How are your dates stored in your Algolia index?

Would it be possible to create a codesandbox so that we can troubleshoot with your data? You can find a starter template for Vue here

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Thanks for your fast reply! My dates are stored as unix timestamps like in the docs described.

Sure I will create a codesandbox if that helps :slight_smile:



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Do you need something else? I played around a while now with it but cant get it to work. Does this widget need something else to work properly or is ok how I use it? My attribute provides the date in unix timestamps

This seems to be a JavaScript question rather than an InstantSearch question. We created a media demo that allows to filter based on relative dates, you might want to get inspiration from the source code available on GitHub. Note that we relied on date-fns to simplify the date computations.