Latest shopify product import not indexing

We imported new products to Shopify on 10/13. We have Algolia set up for real-time indexing. The products in our latest import are not indexing. I see a notification on Aloglia that there are system performance issues, and that indexing is affected. Should we wait until the system issues are resolved with the expectation that products will then get indexed? Should we manually reindex?


We recently experienced a database outage that impacted the indexing pipeline between Shopify’s servers and our’s.
For some time, real-time indexing was unavailable.

The reason for this outage has been identified and we have taken steps to eliminate the possibility of this kind of error in the future.

The situation is under control and your product updates will propagate to your Algolia indices as expected.
You can now reindex your products has you wanted to.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!