Like DocSearch but paid?

Hi, I’d basically like to use DocSearch for non-docs content: it’s a small presentational site. Do you plan to introduce a subscription to cover that? I was a bit surprised that this is not offered on the paid plans, or more precisely, there is a crawling addon but it supposedly works very differently, as described here:

That being said, it is quite different from [Google Custom Search]. Our web crawler is an add-on that is customised exclusively for customers on our Enterprise plan.

Plus, we are a small customer – the site has a couple of pages and a blog. For me, simple indexing like DocSearch but for a non-docs site would be ideal.


Hi @borekb,

Thank you for the details and the explanation,

I am working on DocSearch as software engineer.

We do not offer a premium DocSearch plan since it is only provided to help the community.

That being said, we have plenty of happy DocSearch customer that went live with their own custom crawler and/or search-UI.

Given that having our great crawler add-on is not an option for you, I would highly recommend you to fork our open source DocSearch codebase.. You will be able to use your own algolia account and only use the features you need

Let us know if you need more details,

Have a great day

Hi Sylvian,

My question is related. I did a simple exploration our site with Docsearch and was happy with the results. Going forward I want to use the paid service. I successfully got JSON into my algolia account’s index. But all I really want is exactly what Docsearch presents: autocomplete with nicely grouped results with L1 and L2 context. I’m a bit lost figuring out how to get to the level of Docsearch functionality when not using Docsearch frontend or backend. The Docsearch config was pretty easy, and of course the frontend slick out of the box. Is there a guide for migrating from DocSearch to Algolia’s paid version without losing functionality? What is the equivalent in Algolia for DocSearch’s selectors, and how to get an equivalent presentation using Algolia’s backend? I tried pointing the DocSearch UI to my algolia account, but of course LV0, LV1 etc aren’t in the response.