Limit Autocomplete To A Collection

Hey, my name’s John, I’m currently doing work on a website where we’d ideally like to have some pages ‘belong’ to a particular brand, related to a collection. We are differentiating this in a few ways but mainly on template suffix.

I’m trying to find a way to only search within the current page’s associated collection. In particular, looking at the autocomplete box. For instance, I don’t want to show a product from another brand as a suggestion if I’m searching from a brand’s About page.

I’m not sure how to go about implementing this and can’t find any documentation for it. I’m open to conditionally including algolia assets/snippets with different values based on the page, or uploading indexes with brand-specific prefixes and changing the prefix value conditionally.

Any guidance you can give me is appeciated.


Hi John,

From what I understand, you could use facets: Faceting | Algolia

I’ll add a brand attribute to your records, and then in the autocomplete add a facetFilter based on the brand you want to display.

Could this work for you?


Hey rcs, that sounds good. For the moment, the most predictable way to get the brand a product is part of is through a tag, would I be able to base my facet off that?



It can work with any array based attribute, so a tag will work. I suppose you have records looking like that:

  "product_name": "iphone",
  "tags": [

So you can add tags as a facet and filter on the facet tags and value apple.