Limiting the number of bins in the priceRanges widget

I am using priceRanges widget to facet results according to a date (year) associated with each record.
I like the “automatic” creation of ranges based, I assume, on the dates distribution of the hits.
Still, I would like to limit the number of bins, or may be to have a size limit for the number of bin displayed, with a “show more” button like with the other widgets.

This could be a combination of the limit and collapsible parameters: three possibilities:
1/ collapsed
2/ visible up to limit lines (facets values, ranges, …)
3/ fully visible
With of course a full collapse and partial collapse button at the bottom


Hey Henri,

What you should do in this case is:

  1. use the connector for priceRanges
  2. copy the implementation of our widget of priceRanges
  3. add a button which toggles between the two states

This should be doable, but if you’re using our widget, you’ll need some knowledge of React.

The reason we don’t support this always is because it’s hard to know which of the refinements are valid and which aren’t.

Feel free to ask any questions needed for the implementation of that!