Limits: Schema-less indices (JSON)?


On the pricing page it says that the community plan has 5 schema-less indices (JSON), but in the FAQ it says that I can create as many index / indices that I want.

I am a bit confused by this. Is there a difference between schema-less indices and index / indices? Or is the text contradictory?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @thomasjsn, yes you have found some contradictory information. I apologize for that. We put out an update of the pricing page recently and it’s out of sync with the FAQ. We’ll get that fixed up ASAP.

While we are still doing some iteration on this, we expect that the community plan will have a limit on the number of indices that you can create. Right now it’s 5 and it’s a soft limit. If you have any questions about how this could impact your use case please post them here and we can discuss.

Hi @dzello, thank you for your reply. I was about to outgrow the community plan with regards to the record count, but with the indices limit I have most certainly outgrown it.

I use Algolia for my self-made logistics system, keeping track of my electronics parts and projects. I do share some of the data publicly, but most is private. I was considering upgrading to the starter pack, but with the indices limit being 10 on that plan it is not going to be enough. The site is a hobby project, so even $50 would be the single most expensive component. $250 for the growth package is definitely out of range for me.

For these reasons I have began migrating to ElasticSearch, which I am hosting on my own server. Algolia is definitely an awesome search service, but it’s not economically suited for my user case.

Hi @thomasjsn, thanks for sharing thoughts and info about your logistics project. This is valuable feedback that helps us plan the scope of our free/community plans, and you can be sure we’ll take cases like this into account when thinking about the future of these plans.

If there are any changes, I’ll be sure to post back here and let you know. In the meantime, best of luck with your project and keeping track of all of those electronic parts. Great idea to put an app and data behind that, in my experience they are notoriously easy to lose / be out of stock :slight_smile: