Link created in search in UI strips 'docs' from the path

The links in the site are being returned correctly viewed in the network>response, however the links created in the little UI are missing the word ‘docs’ from the href.

See images :

Network response

Dom elements created.

You can see the href starts correctly, then strips the ‘docs’ out, and then the rest is correct, what could possibly be causing this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I use this template code (in vue)

                        <template v-slot="{ items }">
                                class="grid grid-cols-2 mt-8 ml-2 gap-x-4 md:grid-cols-3 md:gap-x-12 2xl:gap-x-24 gap-y-8 lg:mt-0 xl:grid-cols-4"
                                    v-for="item in items"
                                    class="mx-auto mb-6 md:w-48"
 <a :href="item.url">
            class="mx-auto mb-1 text-sm font-medium text-center truncate w-36 md:w-40"
            {{ item.title }}

Works like a charm and the url is exactly what is stored in my index