Linking user registration to search engine


I am set to make a tutoring website where tutors and students can contact each other via an online platform.

Tutors will subscribe to the website for a monthly amount but once the tutor is registered, tutors and students are free to contact each other and begin lessons. The monthly amount will be set at a very low rate due to competition in the UK, most likely under £5/month

Students will be able to type their postcode, subject and level of tuition required before encountering a list of qualified tutors in their local area.

Just to preface I am not overly technical in the developers language (I am not a developer, just a maths tutor) and have only just started using Algolia, but many things are going way over my head.

I intend to use Algolia for the search API service.

I am encountering a number of stumbling blocks:

  1. I assume that I would need to create a new set of indices from scratch? The users will be tutors and the indices to consider will be the tutor postcode (and mileage from a student who puts their postcode into a search engine)

  2. I currently don’t have coding experience, so I assume I would have to learn it. How many hours would it take to learn the essential things required to be able to “get up to speed”.

  3. How would a user’s registration be connected to the search engine? I assume that a user registers to my website, but then for them to be “searchable” on the search engine on my website seems like a challenge.

For me, the thing I want to understand is whether this project is worth doing and at a very rough guess how many hours these tasks will take.

For me, the longer that this search engine will take to build and optimise, the less worthwhile this website is to continue with.



Just a quick question, did you already start making your website? Which technologies are you using?

Hi Haroen,

Currently using Wordpress to build the site and Elementor builder. Got a few plugins, but one of the issues is whether I can integrate user registration with the search API.

For Wordpress you should be able to use our plugin, which will automatically index however you configured the plugin. I think @rayrutjes can give some more info regarding that

Hi @Badonde13,

The Algolia plugin for WordPress can index custom post types and users by default.
However, depending on how you want to integrate the search, some development might be required.

By default we offer a simple dropdown menu, and you choose which content types you want to display.

If your users are stored as Posts, then chances are you could leverage the plugin. Otherwise you can do some custom adjustments like documented, but it will requiring some coding.


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