List field appearing after create, but not update

Having a strange problem with creating/updating objects:
We’re creating a new record, “foo,” which contains a list field ([‘apple’, ‘banana’]).

In index A, where the record does not exist, when we create it for the first time, the record appears correctly with the list field included.

In index B, where a version of “foo” exists without the list field included, when we update the record (with either saveObjects or partial_update_objects) the list field does not appear.

We’re quite puzzled as to what’s going on here. Can you advise?

A quick update on this issue.

The records in index B did eventually change, but only sporadically over a long period of time (30-90 mins, iirc) after we sent the update. It seems this may have been a case of severe indexing lag.

Feedback for the Algolia team (and warning to other users who might find this): it can be very hard to tell when indexing/updating is done, and there is no documented means to find out if indexing is complete via either the UI or API.

Hey @mark5 ,

Sorry about the sporadic indexing! However, we do prioritize search over indexing operations, which can lead to slow indexing in times of heavy load, especially on shared clusters.

For reference, you can check on this endpoint to get the status of an indexing task: Search REST API | API Reference | Algolia Documentation