Listening to saved event

In angolia I have list of Variant objects.
Inside variant object I have products objects. Relation between product and variant belongsTo.
I each product I have brand object. Relation between brand and product: “hasMany”
I update my brand using following code:

$brand->name = "brand name";

In Brand model I added following code as in documentation: Customize Searchable Data | Laravel | Algolia

public static function boot()

        static::saved(function ($model) {
            foreach ($model->products as $product) {

My relation in Brand model:
public function products()
        return $this->hasMany(Product::class, 'brand_id', 'id');

I debugged static::saved method and it works, but not update records in angolia

But If I change products relation from hasMany to hasOne:

public function products()
        return $this->hasOne(Product::class, 'brand_id', 'id');

and add: 
protected $touches = ['products'];

It works, but only for one record, it doesn’t update add brands with the same id in all variants objects