Load additional results using react-instant-search?

I’d like to run a few queries on top of the current search. I have different refinements setup and I would like to get more information for each (more than just the number of results in the refinement)

Take the example of a used car search. When a user searchs “Acura MDX” with a “2013” refinement. I would like to show the results of that exact search, but also a small card on the side that shows “other results” > “2012 - Avg price $12,000” “2011 - Avg price: $11,330” etc.

I will probably have trigger the query manually and would limit it to the two years plus and minus the current refinement. Or if there is some way to add this functionality to the exisintg that would be great!

Do you mean you want a second set of results with a slightly wider filter than what you have now? Or do you mean a button that loosens up the filters in the main results?

I meant the first. Use case is that I want to compare 3-4 filters. So I search the car, then compare average price per year side by side. The main query gets full results with pictures etc, but the second query would only need price and date to do an average and maybe show a little sparkling.

I think it could work by just having another but with different configuration and maybe a virtualMenu to pick the filter manually. Or is there a better way to setup this as a computed property on the filters? Right now it does show the total number of items in the filter using the regular , can I add another property to that using a custom connector, or something?

What I’d do is set up a separate InstantSearch widget alongside the real search, and use onSearchStateChange of the main search to get the filters that need to be made bigger. Those filters can then be applied on that secondary instance.

Does that make sense?