Load Instant search result section in search overlay when searching from header search in Shopify?

Can any one let me know how one can show the instantsearch search result bind to the autocomplete in Shopify like Polo shirts, shoes, leather goods | LACOSTE UK Online Boutique?

What I’m looking for is it possible to move instantsearch Current Search to the header search?


Which InstantSearch library are you using? I’ve linked the InstantSearch.JS version below, however, in the Documentation link, you’ll find the other libraries linked below it on the left-hand side navigation.

Here’s a sandbox: @algolia/autocomplete-example-instantsearch - CodeSandbox
Documentation: Integrate Autocomplete with InstantSearch.js | Autocomplete | Algolia

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Thanks Michael for sharing the guide.
Not sure what the version is but using latest Shopify app installed few days back.
It helps.