Loading props on React InstantSearch

I am using <InstantSearch> with connectInfiniteHits()to build my search page and it works awesome. The thing is, on low latency devices, it will show blank page for a second before a flick happen with all the results. Is there a props that can tell me when algolia is still retrieving the data from server so that I can easily show a loading indicator for users?
I have checked the documentation for both features but did not see anything about loading state. Pleased if someone can direct me about this.

Hi @rizky,

This is a known limitation of React-InstantSearch for now, you can learn more about it this issue and how to solve it here: https://github.com/algolia/react-instantsearch/issues/896#issuecomment-363451230

In a few words, it is using isSearchStalled or searching props from the connectStateResults connector.

You can combine the two connectors (connectInfiniteHits and connectStateResults) together to resolve your issue.

Cheers, Maxime.

Thanks @iam4x, will take a look at that solution to improve users experience.