Location search in two separate column

I want to search keyword in two different column( city and servicelocation column with OR condition) means location should be exists either in city or servicelocation column, I am using javascript API, I can’t able to search both column at same time, please help me on this issue

Hi @business1,

Thanks for contacting Algolia support. From your description it sounds like you are trying to make use of boolean operators.

Here is a link to the relevant documentation with code examples.

Can you give sample code where you tried using the attributes “city” and “serviceLocation” and it did not work?

Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions.
Happy Coding!

Hi @ajay.david
I tried facetFilters (city:Eve OR servicelocation:Eve) but it not working when I using only city or servicelocation is working but it’s not working with “OR”. Pleas help me on this issue…
I am using javascript and Angularjs1 here

Sample Code:
switch (facetName) {
case “city”:
$scope.facetFilters.push("‘city:" + content.facetHits[0].value + " OR servicelocation:" + content.facetHits[0].value +"’");

                    case "area":
                        $scope.facetFilters.push("area:" + content.facetHits[0].value );