Location Search - UK Regions & Counties

I know that Algolia doesn’t support english counties / regions but I’m wondering if anyone knows of a work around for this problem.

when I enter West Midlands into the search I get instant results such as “Coventry, West Midlands” and “Wolverhampton, West Midlands” but there is no way for the user to do a search for all west midlands - you have to drill down to town/city level.

So, I can see that Algolia has “west midlands” in its database as it is showing the town/city results that I mention above. Is there an ability to group all those towns/cities that have West Midlands in their description together and create a custom entry in the search index called WEST MIDLANDS that will show a combination of the relevant results?

Essentially what I am asking is can we manually create a Region / County search?

I am a total newbie here and am working on a project incorporating Algolia for the first time so please do excuse my ignorance.

Thanks everyone,


Hi @adam2

There is no way to create or index data on your side while using Algolia Places, which is a different product than the regular Algolia indices where you can index your own business data.

That said, what you are asking makes perfect sense but we don’t support it at the moment. You can see here the various types that we support.

This region type filtering feature was requested a few times and I invite you to :+1: it on this link.

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Thanks @raphael.daguenet I have liked the request on the GitHub link.

I’m in the unfortunately position where a i have hired a dev team to create a web app that I understood to contain a county / region level search facility and only in the testing stages has it come to light that a region search is not possible.

Do you know of any other solution, maybe using a combination of Algolia and a third party product that might achieve what we are trying to do?

Thanks for your help so far.


Depending on your needs and budget, I would recommend you to checkout https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/autocomplete#place_types