Long time until object and index are updated and reflected in pagination


I have the following scenario:

user refresh the page - got 2 pages ( the first page comes from our local DB)

  • new item is enter to the screen from our local DB (meanwhile i am push it also to algolia)

now the last item is disappear

  • user click on pages 2 and excpet to see the item in the second page because he just removed from page 1

the result : it take 1-2 mins until the pagination “updates” so there is a window that the paging is still using the “not updated” index

how can i improve it
there is smth in the instant search (using angular) i can do ? to manually refresh ?

Hi Yosef,

Re-indexing happens as soon as you make an update to your index, but the delay before users see the new results will depend on how long the index operation takes. Index time is dependent on things like the number of records in your index, the number of attributes selected for faceting.

You cans use tools like removing unnecessary facets or swapping category/filtering facets to filterOnly to speed up indexing (attributesForFaceting API parameter | Algolia)

Here are some additional tips for re-indexing that may speed things up here:

Batching and doing partial updates will both reduce index time.