Looking for an advise about how I should structure my data

I need to store in Algolia a set of json that are bigger than 10KB. Basically each json describes a wine producer, including the details of its wines, in three different languages. I’ve already split them into different indexes according to the languages (as suggested in the docs) but the jsons are still bigger than 10KB.
Taking into account that the search page will use instantsearch.js, what do you suggest?

I’m thinking about separating producers info and wine info into different indexes, according to the fact that the final user will choose what to search for (producer or wine) but, in both cases, the final card should show both (producer and its wines) and I’m not sure how to manage the requests.

Another strategy is to keep a relational database with the whole data, store in Algolia only the data the user will search in, retrieve the record id and query the relational database for the rest of the info of that record.

Any suggestion is appreciated.



The first strategy sounds like the clever one, but the second proposal also work. Instantsearch.js indeed allow to search into multiple indexes. Here is an example on how you can proceed such thing