Looking for an Algolia Consultant

Hi Everyone!

My company is looking to improve the search in our web app. We are currently not using Algolia and would like to switch to it. Before we start implementing / working with Algolia we have some questions.

I am looking to hire someone that would consider themselves an expert in Algolia for consulting.

If you’re interested, or know someone, please send me a DM!

Tyler Bell

Welcome to the community @tyler2!

Couple of quick suggestions to ensure a robust pipeline of possible candidates and weed out the noise:

  1. If the help you seek is more technical in nature, I might suggest tagging this post with the related back-end technologies, front-end clients (e.g. Magento, React, etc), and/or Algolia features your app might use (e.g. geo search).

  2. If the help you seek is more strategy/product related, I might suggest contacting Algolia sales (if you haven’t already!). I don’t work for Algolia, but all of my experiences with their sales/biz-dev team have been great.

Good luck!

Hi @chad , thanks for the reply!

I’ve reached out to Algolia’s sales team before and they were extremely helpful. Their support has always been fantastic. In order to receive more technical help though, they wanted me to have an enterprise level contract with them. Which makes sense. I can imagine they get a lot of free / low paying users asking for help :slight_smile:

A bit about the company I work for… and what we would be using Algolia for.

Our product is a membership platform where our customers can signup / manage their own members. We would be using Algolia search so our customers can search through their member list.

Here are a few things that my company would like help with.

  1. Data format: What’s the most preferred way to structure data inside Algolia? To elaborate here, our customers can define their own custom fields. For example, customer A may collect first and last names while customer B may collect phone numbers and favorite colors. How do we structure this?

  2. Filtering: We want our customers to be able to filter on member status, membership status, etc. Would these be filters or facet filters? I still don’t quite understand the difference :joy:

  3. Technical advice for Vue Instant Search.

We have a prototype working so we aren’t starting from scratch.

If there is someone that could help answer these questions (and others) we would love to pay them for their time. Still happy to talk with someone even if they are unsure about some of the questions.