Lots of non-sense files searches in Weekly search report (Magento Official Plugin)

Hi Community. I’ve installed the official Algolia for Magento 2 extension a while ago. Since then, we noticed some sort of files appearing in the search reports. But from some weeks those files dominates the top search and we are having a really hard time to identify the origin of it.

Did someone had this problem in the past? Any solutions to that or ideas on how to debug it? I’m no Magento specialist so I’m having a hard time trying to debug this.

Thank you

Hi @andregumieri,

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Those queries are what your users are searching for on your site. Since there are so many I would suggest checking for bots that may be hitting your site and work with your hosting provider for a solution to block them.

Bots are a common threat with no one way to fix it, but your hosting provider should have some suggestions.

Thank you @cindy.cullen for the quick response. I’m talking to our sysadmin to get the access logs and try to check on that. I’ll update this thread once I’ve checked that.