M2.1.7 JS Error on Clean install

Just installed Algolia for Magento 2 via composer, run setup:upgrade and deployed files and cleared caches (site is still in developer mode). Getting a JS error in the console and instant search results results don’t appear… Any ideas what could be causing this? I’ve installed this previously using the Ultimo theme and not had any issues after the fix was released. Using #search and .columns selectors as suggested.

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Not sure if related, but saving information on the Instant Search Results admin page shows this error too:

The error in the backend doesn’t seem so bad but it would be nice to get it fixed.

About your javascript error, can you open view/frontend/web/instantsearch.js and add console.log(type) at line 492?

Hi Julien,
Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve added the console.log and here’s the output:

This is the test site for reference: https://prelive.progressiveparts.com/car-parts/exhaust

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.57.50


Hi guys,
Still really struggling with this… is there anything we can update past 1.2.0?

We created a whole new enviroment and reinstalled all algolia elements, same error occurs @ https://dev.progressiveparts.com

Any ideas? @julienbourdeau @jan.petr - Thanks

I checked your website and your Magento loads old version of IS.js library - 1.8.0. This version doesn’t include analytics widget yet and this is the part where your script fail.

The 1.2.0 version of the extension is shipped with IS.js version 1.11.2:

Can you delete your static-generated content? And try to delete cache of Magento’s require.js lib? So the new version is included to the site.

Let me know how it goes.

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Brilliant @jan.petr - we could not for the life of us get it to ditch the old reference so we started again and manually updated the old dependencies…

Thanks again for taking the time to highlight this for us. :raised_hands:

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I’m happy I could help!

Happy searching!