Magento 1.9 Not showing all categories and less then half of products keep disappearing out of the root categroy

I have about 2500 products on my website and the other day there was 1600 in the root category as well as all the others. Now today I find that there are only 1000 products.

I have tried adding them in using the category tab as doing them 1 by 1 would be time consuming but still it comes up with “Invalid Form Key: Please Refresh Page” which is annoying!!

Also when I use the algolia search function to navigate through the categories not all of the categories are there. Our customers can’t navigate through our mega menu as it doesn’t show up as the algolia results take priority on the page and I can’t seem to figure out how to make the magamenu on the top layer.

Hope you guys can help because if not I will be disabling this extension which is a shame because the autosearch function is great just a shame the results can’t be fixed easily.

Hi @adw-online,

First, I want to say that we do our best to ensure the widest compatibility with as many themes and extentions as possible. Unfortunately, there might have glitches sometimes.

I had a look at your website and it appears that the menu has a higher z-index. If you can add the following code to your CSS, it will fix your issue:

.nav .grid-full {
    z-index: 2 !important;

Let me know if you managed to get it sorted.


I added the css to the custom.css file and it fixed the issue I had where if a customer typed in the search bar that the results showing would show over the megamenu and not show both.

However I am now facing the issue that if a custom was on the algolia results page that if they wanted to pic a sub category they can’t as only the main categories show in the megamenu and it doesn’t drop down of show over the top of the algolia search results. Which isn’t best for the customer experience.

In this case, you should remove this snippet. If I remember correctly, the current z-index for your menu is 9, so you need to define a higher z-index for the Algolia Autocomplete container.

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