Magento 1 constant category reindex operations

I’m getting tons of index operations, mostly category reindexing. They seem to fire off about every 2-3 minutes often in pairs. They also accumulate in the queue and are either stuck or repeating. The queue log is filled with ‘duration 0’ and ‘processed_jobs 0’ entries. My account dashboard does not show any errors.

Mage 1.9.3, Extension 1.15

Any ideas?

Hello @jalals,

I checked your Algolia application and you are out of records quota. You have more records than you can fit into your Algolia account and that might be the reason why the data are not pushed.

About the recurring category indexing - can you check your cron table to see if you don’t have a schedule reindex performing too often?

My understanding of the records quota was just that I pay a bit extra when over… not that it will stop working properly. Besides, the extra records are temporary for new site development. Also, it continues to index products and anything else fine, as well as doing a manual category reindex, it’s just having a fit with automating the categories.

The ‘cron_schedule’ table is empty.

I do have an unusual number and depth of categories… is there any reason the extension would be failing due to that?

I set the category indexing to ‘manual’ instead of ‘on save’, hoping it would stop… but it hasn’t.