Magento 1, module v1.11.1 related searches broken


We are running into a very strange issue with a Algolia site that we have deployed. Same code, different sites (staging vs production). Results from the suggestions index on staging return this schema (notice the query is returned next to the _highlightResult):

Whereas, on production, this is the response (notice that there is no query parameter next to _highlightResult):

The other thing I find odd is that there is a big difference in the query:


The code is the same and the configuration also seems to be the same. Any thoughts as to what might be going on?


Problem solved:

There might be a bug in the Magento Connector. To solve the problem, change Use Customer Groups to be “NO” in System > Configuration > Algolia Search.

Hopefully this helps someone else.


Thank you for the report and for the solution Joseph!
I’ll investigate and fix the issue in upcoming versions! :100: