Magento 2.3 with stocks in MSI


We’ve just implemented the Algolia search on our Magento 2.3 platform. Currently we are using the Magento 2.3 with stocks in MSI sources. Because of that when generating the index for the products only the products with unmanaged stock are indexed. Can you please advise on how we can solve this issue?

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Cristi Birzu

Hi Cristi,

Thank you for reaching to the Algolia Community.

Here is a piece of documentation on Indexing Product with Algolia using Magento 2 :
It mentions that indeed, only index products that are in stock are indexed, unless the Magento settings tells us to show out-of-stock products, too. Can you check you Magento settings in that regard ?

Please let us know it this help ?

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Olivier Boulant


Thank you for your reply!

The thing you mentioned is not helping much as all our products are using MSI stock so default magento setting see all these products as out of stock. Also in the same category are the normal out of stock products that we cannot include in the index of our products. It would be good if Algolia would replace the default attribute used for stock stock_status with the MSI attribute: stock_status_msi. From what i’ve understood this is an issue that is under development and would be released at some point. My question is when this function would be available?

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Cristi Birzu

Hello Cristi,

Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately the Algolia extension is not compatible with Magento’s MSI for now.
But we are currently working on it and we’ll add a compatibility solution in our next release, very soon (maybe next week).

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.


Thank you for your reply. I am writing this message to see if there are updates in regards to this issue.

Thank you again for your support,