Magento 2.4.0 elastic search


Magento 2.4 stock will require elasticsearch, as they removed the mysql search
What is the migration plan for algolia users? Do we also need to install an (unused) elasticsearch?


Hi @alex1,

if the configuration for “Stores > Configuration > Algolia Search > Advance > Make a backend search query” is set to No in your Magento/Algolia configuration, you should not have any issues.

You may find this documentation helpful.

Is there any way to install Magento without ElasticSearch, so that we can install Algolia plugin afterwards?

It seems we are not even able to install it if ElasticSearch is not installed, not sure if there is a workaround for this.

Hi @juanzo,
This may be something you need to check with Magento Support.

There is a way to install without elasticsearch… Editing a file. But the question is. Will Algolia work without elasticsearch?

Hi @brunorigo, Algolia does not rely on elasticsearch.

Is possible that the hosting provider configures the elastic search on their stack. Just like in this case?

Just wanted to add an update on this topic. We have now released a version of our extension that supports Magento 2.4

You can find more details of this release here:

So does anyone have a proper answer to the initial question: Do we need to roll out elasticsearch if we are running algolia?
I know algolia doesn’t need elasticsearch. I guess the answer is still relevant for anyone thinking about algolia on magento, as this quite heavily impacts the deployment.
And if we don’t need elasticsearch, that would be a benefit, and I guess algolia should do the install/requirement tweaks to mage.

Installing ElasticSearch is I believe mandatory due to the way the installer is built.
Our integration is built to replace Magento’s default search, but it makes sense that Magento would install all its default dependencies out of the box.

The Magento installer is composer, and you can easily stop that from pulling in a dependency, e.g.:
“replace”: {
“amzn/amazon-pay-and-login-magento-2-module”: “",
“magento/module-admin-notification”: "



In version 3.0.0 of the extension, we had to remove all the files that used the Mysql classes that have been remove in the version 2.4.0. That means that the backend facets features in unfortunately not available anymore, see more information here :

The extension doesn’t refer to any Elasticsearch class as well, it will just remove the page contents in the product listings and replace it by the Instantsearch result page. So you don’t have to remove ES before installing Algolia.

Hope that helps.

Has anyone on the Algolia Team been able to run v3.0 on Magento 2.4.0 with ES disabled? We are running into issues with Mage looking for the ES even when Algolia is primary.

Update: Algolia will not run without the ES dependency. For Magento 2.4+ ES is a core function and MUST run. You can find turnkey Magento ES solutions on AWS Marketplace.

Could you tell us a bit more about those issues?