Magento 2 - Creating an attribute and using it to rank

Hello everyone!

I’m new to using Algolia and trying to figure out how to rank my products.

I created a custom attribute in Magento so that I can assign products a value between 1-10 based on importance (ranking) i want them to show up in the instant search.

The issue I’m having is that I’ve created the attribute in Magento and added it to the instant search results and product menu in the Magento settings.

When I log into the Algolia dashboard and go to Search->Index->Configuration->Ranking and sorting I don’t see the attribute that I’ve created. I clicked on the button to add the attribute but I don’t see it there.

I’ve reindexed multiple times but am not sure how to get the attribute created in Magento to show up in the dashboard so that I can use it to rank the order of specific products to show.