Magento 2 indexing queue clarification


This documentation page mentions the necessity of setting up a manual crontab on the server to run the algolia_queue_runner index: .

However, the command is a typical Magento index run command, which seems to correspond to this specific index that is available in Index Management in the Magento admin and can be set to Update By Schedule:

Can you clarify the distinction that makes the manual crontab necessary? If it is important to do so, should we also not set this or other Algolia indexers to Update By Schedule?

Thank you!

We recommend using the system cron to avoid timeouts. This way the Magento index will be executed in CLI so apache/nginx won’t time out.

We only recommend it for the queue since it’s the longest task. You can also use it for the other indexer but it’s less critical.

Thanks for spotting it, I will try to update the doc about it.