Magento 2 instantsearch facet template not handling checkbox correctly

Hi, I’m using the default instantsearch templates from the Magento 2 extension and when I tick the checkbox for a facet, it turns into a textbox.

What is happening is that the ‘checked’ attribute that is supposed to be added to the imput element gets joined with the next attribute ‘type’ becoming ‘checkedtype=…’ instead of ‘checked type=…’; no space between checked and type. The template looks fine, it has a space after the ‘checked’ mustache. Is the inserting of checked happening somewhere else?

I fixed this the ‘easy’ way, which doesn’t really get to the cause, but simply changing where the ‘clicked’ attribute gets added in the template fixes it.

Original template view/frontend/templates/instant/facet.phtml line 3

<input class="{{cssClasses.checkbox}}" {{#isRefined}}checked{{/isRefined}} type=“checkbox” value="{{value}}" />
<input class="{{cssClasses.checkbox}}" type=“checkbox” value="{{value}}" {{#isRefined}}checked{{/isRefined}} />