Magento 2 Multiple Application ID

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to configurate my Multiwebsite Magento 2 installation but I’m having some issues with the Application ID.
Variables of the Algolia module are store scoped but when I enter the credentials of Algolia Apps to my two stores, the second store keeps indexing and storing data in App 1. In fact, if I delete credentials of store 1, I can’t index store 2 items, resulting in an error (Algolia credentials not provided) but, in fact, website configuration credential variables are set.

It is like the Algolia module can only use 1 App. Is this a correct behavior? Can’t we keep isolated our websites using 2 Algolia Apps or are we obligated to use only 1 App and different table prefixes?



Hi @roy,

The Algolia extension can only use 1 App at the current time.

It is on our roadmap for the future.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.