Magento additional Facets not visible


I’m using the Magento Algolia extension, I’m currently implementing the Instant Results Page and I want to enable additional Facets but they are not visible or not being added to the Instant Search Results Page.

I don’t know if I need to do any additional step other than saving and flushing cache.
I’d appreciate some help :wink:


Hello @max,

when you add a new attribute to facets you need to reindex your products in order the attribute is indexed and therefore offered as facet on instantsearch page.

Did you reindex you data?

Hi @jan.petr,

Thanks for the fast answer. No, I didn’t reindex since I’m in a development environment and handling indexes from that environment would require additional records just for testing, which we cannot afford in our plan. It would be nice to have a possibility to use maybe a Docker-based solution to sync locally just for development purposes, I don’t know if that’s possible.

Well, this reduces a lot our chances of a “safe development phase” before launching live.

If you are not live, you can use the production index in development.
If you are live and can’t afford a testing index, I fear there is a problem with the business case.
Anyway, adding an attribute to the index shouldn’t affect other index users.

I’m already using the production records for the development environment.
I know that I can go to the production Magento backend, add the Facets without enabling the Instant Search Page, and then call the reindex from there.
But that’s not ideal at all, it adds extra loading to my servers just for development purposes.

It’d be really nice to have a possibility to use some local Docker environment, but even the Docker-based development environment requires valid API credentials.

Hello @max,

Algolia is a hosted solution and we don’t provide any “local” or “development” version, I hope you understand.
In order to make the facets available you’ll have to reindex your data.